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Do you have a personal brand?

do you have a personal brand

Your personal brand is your most important asset.  It’s your identity and what you stand for.  It can be socialized through different mediums (ommnichannel) and can consist of your personal and professional life.

One of the most important things you need is a great designer to help build the identity of your personal brand.  I am fortunate to have one and his name is Chris Antonelle.

We’ve been working together for over 7 years on neighborbee and other projects.  As a multi-potentialite, I have many interests and creative pursuits, so it was important to mold everything together.

The idea is there are three areas of interest (passions):

  1. Technology – Lobo IT
  2. Sales Marketing – Lobo Social
  3. Lecturing about entrepreneurship – The Practical Innovator 

I started using the “Lobo” brand when I first created Lobo Cisco blog.  Most people in business and personally call me by my nickname “Lobo” as well (which is short for Lobosco).  So in essence, I’ve been building this brand for many decades, but officially introduced it into business with Lobo Cisco in 2014.

By building off the Lobo brand, Chris and I felt strongly to create something that incorporated all three of my passions.  So we created one brand for each:

Each of these brands are related and the best way to visually express them is by connecting the dots.

“Connecting the Dots to Digital Transformation” is my tagline for Lobo IT, my technology persona and the foundation for connecting all of these brands.  In fact, I created this brand first and when I created the tagline, we felt this was our “ah ha moment” of integrating all these brands.

Although my Linkedin profile has evolved, “Connecting the Dots to Digital Transformation” was my LinkedIn headline.  See what I did there?  I expressed my professional brand publicly while creating a foundation for everything I do.

Although I’m a multi-potentialite with many interests and creative pursuits, there is one brand related to everything, so my messaging is always related.

Your personal brand follows you throughout your life and your career. It will evolve and be modified over time, but having the foundation, helps you create crisp messaging to achieve your goals.

The company you work for should be secondary to your personal brand.  My feeling is that companies should hold your personal brand in higher regard than a resume, but that’s a different conversation 🙂

Anthony Lobosco

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