Getting through to a key stakeholder isn’t easy.  They’re getting hit with calls and emails CONSTANTLY.  Sometimes, if you cold call a high level person out of the blue with no point of reference, you risk pissing them off.  The goal is to get a New Business Meeting with them.

Here are a few tips to create that point of reference when you get them live:

  • Have a lower level discovery meeting in advance of calling an EB
  • VITO or BASHO letters – Email or Direct Mail
  • Invites to upcoming events
  • LinkedIn – Create audience with key stakeholders and share messaging
  • LinkedIn InMail – Use with caution as you can rub people the wrong way with this.  Here are some best practices.
  • Email first then call – Tuesday is the best day for this

Know the persona of the person you’re contacting and make sure you do the proper research beforehand.