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CMO redefined for IT salespeople

Executing an omnichannel strategy is crucial but very difficult for a busy salesperson. The salesperson has to be their own CMO that sets the strategies for personal branding, demand generation activities, social selling strategies, communications, market research for their patch, along with hitting their sales targets.

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Outcome Selling

The main difference between traditional selling and outcome-based selling is talking about the customers priorities (the things they care about) instead of your products and services (which they probably don’t care about). Basically, you’re selling the outcome, not the product.

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What is BANT and how can it streamline lead generation?

Posted by: Lucid Content Team Lead qualification is the process of deciding whether the opportunity in front of you (the potential customer) is worth the time it takes to invest in them. It’s an effective way to determine whether a potential customer is truly interested in the opportunity you are presenting. In fact, every one of…

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