Sales Pro with BDR Mindset

Welcome to Lobo Social, a hub for Sales Pros with a BDR Mindset!

I’m Anthony Lobosco, a Technology Sales Veteran with over 25 years of experience in Commercial, Enterprise, and Public Sector markets.  As a Farmer and Hunter, my passion lies in blending these perspectives to provide valuable insights on Lobo Social.  Known as the “Whitespace Guy,” I specialize in building territories from scratch and executing meticulous, well-structured cadence strategies.

At Lobo Social, I focus on embracing a BDR mindset because securing New Business Meetings (NBMs) is essential for hitting sales targets.  From mastering methodologies like MEDDIC and Value Selling to utilizing tools like ZoomInfo and Sales Navigator, my goal is to help you navigate the entire sales journey—from initial meetings to deal closure.

Join me on this journey of growth and success!  Connect with me at [email protected].

Peace and Happy Selling!

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