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Omni-channel strategy

Omnichannel means reaching people through multiple mediums – online (Social Selling, email ma…
omni channel strategy

Omnichannel means reaching people through multiple mediums – online (Social Selling, email marketing) and offline (cold calling, email Marketing, handwritten VITO letters or face to face meetings).

All this has to be integrated into one strategy:

  • Your LinkedIn amplification strategy should compliment any campaigns you are having and/or discussions about client about a subject.  (make sure you have a good linkedin profile and audience building strategy)
  • How you present yourself online comes in many forms – your linkedin profile, what you post, and most importantly how you do it.
  • Your LinkedIn profile should be integrated with your brand – For example, my LinkedIn profile is consistent with my brand – connecting the dots to digital transformation and the Lobo IT logo are related.  Your brand is who you are.
  • Email Marketing 
    • It could be an intro email
    • It could be a 3 touch campaign about a sales play
    • It could be a newsletter
  • Cold Calling – This goes hand and hand with your email marketing
    • Make calls shortly after a campaign goes out
  • VITO letters– VITO stands for Very Important Top Officer.  Here’s an article about this.
    • This strategy is used when targeting one company.
      • You have to  read a company’s Annual Report to ID initiatives that match up to what need you want to fill.
      • Sometimes the VITO letter is emailed and other times it’s a handwritten letter sent via FedEx to the person you’re targeting.
      • Then you call them a day or two after it’s initially sent.
  • Videos
    • Customized prospect videos – Typically, I like to do this if I’m targeting someone more than others.
    • Product or Sales Plays to be posted on LinkedIn, Twitter, my blog and discussed live with prospects or partners.
    • Write an effective script and use good equipment if possible (a camcorder with a microphone and a teleprompter).
    • Makes calls about it – possibly sent directly if you don’t think they saw it on LinkedIn.

People buy from people so all your messages have to be authentic.



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