It’s not easy to make a video as a novice. But you can use that to your advantage. Over time, my videos have gotten better but it takes practice. Here’s one tip on creating authentic videos.

I put a picture up while I do videos to emulate that I’m talking to one person because that helps to make them more genuine. I also use a teleprompter for more technical videos but sometimes they sound too rehearsed.

The key to creating a genuine video is to make it conversational. Remember, you are trying to connect with people so when you talk to a video camera, you have to realize you are talking to one person.

Here’s an example of a non-genuine video I created for my lecturing:

Here’s the same video without a teleprompter and the picture of a good friend behind the video camera.

Mistakes are ok and you shouldn’t strive for perfection. This second video was made in my dining room with a messy table. I was focusing on the message and how it’s delivered.

Content is king and people will be able to have their “BS radar” on at all times and will not pay attention to you. There’s too much great content out there, so don’t get lost because your content isn’t authentic.