Running a franchise is akin to running a sales territory for a large company, agent or broker.  Products and marketing comes from corporate.  Franchises are all the same across the board by design except one factor.

I love Subway, so let’s use that as an example.

You go into a Subway store anywhere in the country and for the most part, they have a similar layout but that depends on the building.  Everything else is exactly the same – menu, products, marketing, and best practices.

The one thing that stands out are the people that run them.  I’ll never forget a Subway in Hartford, Ct, where the friendly owner was giving away free fresh baked cookies to the packed house.

That really left an impression on me.

That’s personal branding and field marketing.  No-one knows his market and clientele better than him.

Field marketing and personal branding comes down to you.

Nothing is technically different for Subway except for the people that run it.

The role of the salesperson has changed.

Today, they have to be effective marketers and reach clients in an omichannel world.

Do you want other people representing you to a market that they may not be familiar with?