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10 Reasons Why Anthony Lobosco Is the Ideal Manager, Business Development for Own

lobosco is the ideal manager

Own, the trusted data platform used by thousands of organizations, is actively seeking a Manager, Business Development to lead a dynamic team of inbound and outbound reps. Anthony Lobosco, a seasoned entrepreneur and sales technology professional, is the perfect match for this pivotal role. Let’s explore the top 10 reasons why Anthony is the ideal choice to steer Own’s business development strategy and elevate the US Segment.

  1. Demonstrated Leadership: Anthony effectively led and mentored a 10-member sales team (Buzz Team) of Fordham interns, successfully onboarding 75 local NYC businesses within one year before launch.
  2. Sales Excellence: Anthony’s extensive background in technology sales, including roles at Presidio, Nextiva, and BMC Software, equips him with the skills to drive business development success. He consistently exceeded sales quotas, negotiated large-scale contracts, and fostered strong relationships with industry stakeholders.
  3. BDR Mentality: During his tenure as an Enterprise Account Manager at BMC Software, Anthony embraced a BDR mentality, consistently winning meeting schedule contests with his BDR and earning recognition in a BDR training video alongside Dan Streetman, SVP Business Development at the time, for embracing the BDR group and collaborating with them. Dan is now CEO of Tanium.
  4. Talent Development: Anthony’s mentorship and coaching experience with early-career professionals align perfectly with the role’s responsibility to manage and lead a growing sales team.
  5. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Anthony’s history of thriving in matrixed organizations and building robust cross-functional relationships positions him to collaborate effectively with peer sales managers and other teams within Own.
  6. Tech-Savvy CRM User: Anthony’s proficiency in CRM tools like Salesforce is a valuable asset for tracking and managing team performance.
  7. Startup Passion: Anthony’s entrepreneurial background and involvement with startups like neighborbee and Livtech showcase his ability to excel in high-growth, fast-paced environments.
  8. BDR Expertise: Anthony’s experience in roles with a 100% focus on outbound campaigns, including automating drip campaigns and content creation, complements Own’s objectives.
  9. Technology Veteran: Anthony’s ability to connect the dots for creative and successful campaigns, based on Own’s value proposition, ensures effective prospect engagement.
  10. Passionate & Positive: Anthony’s high-energy demeanor has a positive influence on those around him, making him a valuable addition to the Own team.

Conclusion: Anthony Lobosco’s unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership prowess, and a successful track record in technology sales make him the ideal candidate to lead Own’s business development team. His aptitude for driving sales growth, nurturing talent, and executing strategic visions perfectly aligns with the Manager, Business Development role at Own. With Anthony at the helm, Own can anticipate exceptional results and continued growth in the US Segment.

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