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Rhythm and Rhyme: Mastering Sales Cadence with Confidence

I don’t care what you are – a Sales Pro with a BRD Mindset or a BDR – when you are executing on your plan to get meetings while juggling everything else, your rhythm is everything, especially when you start to hit your stride. And do you know what hitting your stride means? It means executing everyday on your cadence plan with a smile.

My advice to you is to tell whoever your sales leader is what your plan to build your cadence plan is and how long it will take to execute. And for them not to take you out of your rhythm because when they do they $%#@ everything up. They are taking money out of their pocket. The only thing they should be doing is helping you execute or modify it to be successful.

Admittedly, it’s taken me a very long time to figure out what works for me and hopefully my blog will help you get there in less time it took me… but let me tell you something.. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE PROCESS.

Everything about it. Especially the stuff that sucks – prospecting, building a target list, messaging, and then the execution. Blocking out time during the day and looking forward to it.

But the point of this is when you’re taken out of your rhythm everything falls to shit. I’ve been in this situation too many times over the past 2 years as I’m building a new territory and although the intentions may be good, they break up the process and that’s what you need to protect. Be confident in what you’re doing but be open to criticism and ideas to improve.

Happy selling!

Anthony Lobosco

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