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You can’t stare are at the phone waiting for the prom date to call!!

I just talked to a friend of mine that happens to be a recruiter and we dove into the essence of salesmanship and why it’s often associated with their being paid the big bucks. We have quotas to meet.. clients to see.. all while navigating a landscape of constant prospecting.


Despite the obstacles that may come our way, sales professionals are expected to roll up their sleeves and network relentlessly. Unlike the idealized world of Glen Gary Glenn Ross, where leads fall into your lap alongside a hefty marketing budget, real-life sales require grit and persistence.

Enter the unsung heroes of sales: Business Development Representatives (BDRs). While they may have some marketing support, their true strength lies in their resourcefulness and hustle. They’re the ones who can extract blood from a stone.

For aspiring BDRs eyeing a future in sales, here’s some great advice:

  1. Stay the Course: Every call, every email, every interaction builds the bedrock of skills that companies value. Keep honing your craft, for you’re laying the foundation for future success.
  2. Old skool tactics work: In an age of digital bombardment, don’t overlook the power of old-school tactics. Whether it’s a well-crafted phone call or a personalized email drip campaign, the basics never go out of style.
  3. Be Greedy with Your Time: Time management and cadence are keys to successful execution.

In today’s sales landscape, the most coveted professionals aren’t the ones idly waiting for opportunities to come knocking. They’re the ones who embody the relentless spirit of a BDR—constantly pushing boundaries, seizing every chance, and shaping their own success. So, rather than waiting by the phone for the prom date to call, let’s take charge of our destiny and forge ahead with purpose.

Anthony Lobosco

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