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Embracing the Grind: Doing what you hate to do like you love it

In the life of a Business Development Representative (BDR), certain tasks come with the territory—prospecting, cold calling, and diligent follow-ups. These activities, essential as they are, can often feel like a grind, especially when faced with the challenges of rejection, unmet targets, and the repetitive nature of the tasks at hand. However, there’s a transformative approach that can not only change how we view these duties but also significantly impact our success rate: doing what we hate as if we loved it.

The Power of Perception

Our perception of a task can greatly influence our approach and the outcome. Viewing prospecting or cold calling with dread can set us up for failure before we even begin. Conversely, approaching these tasks with enthusiasm and a positive mindset can make them more enjoyable and improve our performance. It’s about embracing each call and follow-up as an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow.

The Art of Prospecting Like You Love It

Prospecting is the backbone of a BDR’s role, identifying potential clients who might benefit from our services or products. To do this like you love it, immerse yourself in the research process. Take genuine interest in the businesses you’re researching, understand their challenges, and think creatively about how your solutions could make a difference. This mindset shift from a mere task to a detective mission in search of the perfect fit can make prospecting an adventure rather than a chore.

Cold Calling with Enthusiasm

Cold calling is often met with apprehension. Yet, what if we approached it with the same excitement as calling a friend with great news? Imagine the energy and positivity in your voice, the genuine interest in providing a solution, and the resilience in facing rejection. This enthusiasm can be infectious, breaking down barriers and opening up conversations that could lead to meaningful business opportunities.

Follow-Up Like You’re Cultivating Friendships

The follow-up process is crucial in nurturing leads and building relationships. Viewing each follow-up as a step in cultivating a new friendship allows for a more personal and caring approach. It’s about showing genuine interest in how they’re doing, understanding their needs, and providing value at every interaction. This perspective can transform follow-ups from a routine task into an enjoyable part of your daily routine.

Embracing Rejection

Rejection is a significant part of a BDR’s job, but it’s also an opportunity for growth. Each no brings us closer to a yes. Learning to embrace rejection, not as a setback but as a stepping stone, can change our entire approach to our roles. It’s about finding the lesson in each rejection, refining our strategies, and persisting with optimism.


Doing what we hate as if we love it isn’t about self-deception; it’s about shifting our mindset to see the value and opportunity in every task. For BDRs, this means approaching prospecting, cold calling, and follow-ups with enthusiasm, curiosity, and resilience. By embracing these activities with a positive outlook, we can transform our daily grind into a rewarding journey, filled with learning, growth, and eventually, success. Remember, the difference between a chore and an opportunity is often our attitude towards it. So, let’s tackle our BDR tasks with the same vigor and passion as we would our most cherished activities, and watch as our careers transform alongside our attitudes.

Anthony Lobosco

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