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Start selling by not selling

I’ve been in sales for almost 25 years, but sadly, only started selling less than a year ago.
start selling by not selling

I’ve been in sales for almost 25 years, but sadly, only started selling less than a year ago.

Brian Burns videos made me realize I’ve been doing things wrong by letting my managers get in my head all these years. Every manager has their own style and some are better than others.

That translated into having unnatural conversations with clients and prospects for selfish reasons. That tarnishes your personal brand as well.


When you take out the stress of selling and start teaching, you have meaningful conversations beginning with what’s most important to them. It’s called empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

When you treat clients and prospects with empathy and don’t pester them to meet with you or try to get a deal signed by quarter end for the benefit of the “region,” it will open a whole new world for you. Clients/prospects will be more receptive to you because they will only see you as providing value and not being the stereotypical annoying salesperson.

Take them through the journey of what it means to do business with your company and how it aligns with THEIR NEEDS. Then take them through the buying process.


Many large companies tell their salespeople it’s all about their clients but then get aggressive with them to close quarter, month, or year end deals. It’s a bad perception to the market and puts unnecessary pressure on clients.

That’s the reality of many large sales organization but there are great sales leaders that get this and try to minimize impact to clients.

The best salespeople rise above it and concentrate on selling their way.

Make it about the prospect/client and explain what the consequences are if they don’t execute on something. Then leave it – they’re adults and get it. If you create that trust from the onset, then these conversations will be more impactful and easier.

Relationships are most important. They take a lot of time to build but can end very quickly. Take some bullets internally if that means protecting the integrity of the relationship and your personal brand.

Once you have a strong relationship in place, you can then build a champion and apply many of the tactics I write about. Remember, Champions are EARNED.

When you have deep relationships, you’ll have a lot of fun doing business with friends.

Anthony Lobosco

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