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Give these social strategies a try!

I stumbled upon this gem on Katie Thomas, CPA’s LinkedIn Page and couldn’t resist sharing it on Lobo Social. Although primarily tailored for SMBs, the insights offered here hold significant relevance for outreach strategies employed by BDRs. Enjoy! Thanks Katie 🙂

➡️ Determine a niche – Who do you want to reach? Go narrow before you go wide. It’s easier to boil a pot of water than it is to boil a lake.

➡️ Add 20 – 40 targeted people per day. You can’t expect people to know you when you’re getting started. It’s your responsibility to find your people, not the other way around.

➡️ Focus on conversations > conversions. Start real, genuine conversations with the people you connect with and network with online. It will pay huge dividends long term.

➡️ Create content. Create valuable content that shows your expertise + helps solve your ideal clients’ current problems.

➡️ Build your email list. Offer your social media followers a free, high-value lead magnet. Nurture them via email to foster the feelings of “know, like, trust”.

Next time you say social media isn’t working, go back through this checklist and make sure you’re utilizing these strategies.

What would you add to the list? 👇

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