A CMO (Chief Marketing Offers) is the C-Level responsible for marketing activities in a corporation.

Typically, the CMO leads brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service.

I believe that salespeople are running their own franchises and marketing is a key component of their operation.

True Field Marketing needs to be done by the salesperson as they (should) know their patch and territory better than anyone.

One of the reasons I love this metaphor is because in franchises, marketing is done at the Corporate level while the franchises are responsible for local marketing activities.  But local marketing activities have to meet the guidelines of Corporate.

This is exactly the same when a salesperson works for or represents a large company, agent, consultant, small IT company or a VAR.  Everyone has to create a brand to differentiate themselves.  For example, Millennials do not stay in jobs long so it’s more important they have an identity that follows them throughout their career.

But one thing you can control is your personal brand and how they present themselves to the market.  Your reputation and brand is the most valuable asset a salesperson has besides their book of business.

In today’s world, your business and your personal brand are the same.

Executing an omnichannel strategy is not easy for many reasons:

1) Time – Get sidetracked working on deals which results in poor steady execution

2) Pressure from sales leadership to put up numbers which results in marketing not being a priority

3) Sales leadership believes that Corporate Marketing takes care of this but they compliment the salespersons’ efforts

4) Lack of understanding of what it takes to run a successful omnichannel marketing campaign

5) Uncomfortable with some or many aspects of the omnichannel strategy

Ultimately, the salesperson has to be their own CMO that sets the strategies for personal branding, demand generation activities, social selling strategies, communications, market research for their patch, along with many more things.

The goal is to get New Business Meetings that result in building pipeline.

Salespeople need a CMO more than ever to achieve short term and long term success.

At bats = success