You have a 10% chance of closing a deal when you do not have a Champion.  A Champion will answer two crucial questions, “Why do anything?” and “Why buy now?” and will sell for you when you’re not there.

It’s important to understand what a champion is:

  • Technical and/or Political Power and influence
  • Actively Selling on your behalf
  • Access to Economic Buyer
  • Vested interest in YOUR success
  • A Coach isn’t a Champion
  • Without a champion, deal will probably not get done
  • without a champion, we are unable to :fix” anything

Then you have to develop the relationship(s)

  • Build multiple champions – don’t be single threaded
  • Test them throughout the sales process
  • Questions
  • Do I have a real Champion?
  • Does my champion have influence?
  • Does my champion have a personal win?
  • Have I tested my champion
  • Does my champion truly understand the technology?

Why Social Selling is important 

Framework for how to leverage the power of social selling to find a Champion