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7 Ways I social sell

ways i social sell

You want to be where someone is the moment they want information and there are many ways to do that.

Here are 7 effective ways I do this by Social Selling in today’s environment:

  1. Blogging – Create a WordPress blog or blog through LinkedIn. I have a few WordPress blogs for Marketing, Entrepreneurship and IT, which are three areas I focus on. It enables me to demonstrate my expertise in those areas while always showcasing my Personal Brand, which can lead to people getting to know you in different lights. Here’s an example of my first business blog, Lobo Cisco.
  2. Thought Leadership You want to establish yourself as an informed opinion leader in your field as it will create credibility for your potential buyers. One way to do this is by creating original content on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. You can also share someone else’s content but serve it up in your own way that is going to be relevant to your audience.
  3. Join the conversation by replying to a comment in a forum, linkedin post, etc where you know your targeted connections are. If you are not sure where that might be, take them time to see where your prospects spend time online.
  4. Make it relevant – Messaging that’s meaningful to people is the most successful way to resonate with someone.
  5. Virtual Events – Today, many virtual events (wine tasting, movie and of course zoom virtual happy hours, meetings) are taking place in lieu of meeting in person or attending large conferences.
  6. Social – Spend some time on Linkedin, LinkedIn Navigator, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and see where your target audience is, then defer to #2.
  7. Let people get to know you – Content is king so create an authentic video, podcast, etc. Do it from the heart and don’t use a script. My advice is to do something that you’re passionate about. Who wants to practice or do research about something you’re not interested it? I will come out in your videos and that could backfire.

As many of us know, the tools are out there, you just have to find the time. Now more than ever, salespeople need to be effective marketers as well.

What are you finding to be effective ways of Social Selling? I’d love to hear..

Anthony Lobosco

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