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Tip: LinkedIn Audience building strategy

Are you talking to an empty room when you post something on LinkedIn? Here’s a sound strateg…
linkedIn audience building strategy

Are you connected to your target prospects and clients on LinkedIn?

If you aren’t and you’re posting articles and other relevant content, then you’re talking to an empty room.  Only people you have first connections with can only see your activity.

When you make a connection with a high level stakeholder, how do leverage that to spark a conversation or get a meeting?

Here’s how you build your audience from a high level:

1) ID Top 10 accounts

2) Build audience in each culminating with key IT stakeholders

3) Target people that will most likely accept your invitation (HR, Recruiters, lower level IT people)

4) Once you have a lot of connections in a company, then target high level stakeholders.  When they see you have shared connections, it will establish more credibility and they will be more likely to accept your invitation.

5) Custom invites for high level stakeholders are always more effective because they’re personal and non-threatening. Here is an example:  Mr. Jones, I came across your profile, wanted to reach out and simply connect with you as you are a thought leader in our community.  xxx is one of my named accounts at xxxx.   Please let me know how I can be a great resource for you. Regards, Anthony

6) Request a conversation.  Some people think it’s disrespectful to not follow up after making a connection with a high level stakeholder. Here is an example of a message after the connection is made: Mr. Jones, Thank you for the connection, I would love to spend 5 mins to put a voice with the name and learn how I can be of service for you. Best Regards, Anthony


Other tips:

  • search co in linkedin
  • filter second connections
  • filter by title (HR) tab on top – most active (usually talent acquisitions)
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator if possible – will show list
  • write down how many seconds you have then go back next day and compare

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