Did you know Google has a T-Rex on its campus to remind everyone that the mighty dinosaurs got extinct.  They have to be relevant than the day before and so do we as salespeople.  This is what happens when you don’t execute an effective omnichannel sales strategy.


There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of ways to reach my clients.  The goal is always to get a live meeting with them.  But it’s getting harder and harder.


So the key is to be creative about your approach and it has to be omnichannel – consisting of offline and online mediums.


Traditional sales tactics like Value Pyramids and handwritten letters are necessary and effective.  But that’s not enough.


You need multiple mediums.  People want information at any time and you better be there the moment they want it.


Because someone else will.


And you build your personal brand at the same time – BONUS!


Google thinks they’re going to become extinct if they’re not innovative and competitive.


Same holds true for sales – if you don’t adapt to new sales techniques, you will become irrelevant, which is almost worse than being extinct.