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Your LinkedIn profile is more powerful than a biz card

Would you go to a board room meeting in a sweatsuit? You can’t make a first impression twice…
linkedIn profile is more powerful

You can’t make a first impression twice.   If your LinkedIn profile is where your clients, prospects, partners, etc are going to see what you’re about, then wouldn’t you want to present yourself in the best way you can?

The lost opportunity cost of a bad first impression can result in a big way and you may not even realize it.

Think about what you are doing with an Omnichannel strategy – you’re hitting people up online and offline.  It all comes back to your LinkedIn profile because that’s one of the first places people go to get to know you.  That’s called your Personal Brand.

Let me put it another way – if you look like a self centered shlep talking about yourself, then people are going to pick up on that immediately.  Maybe they’re thinking you only care about promoting yourself to headhunters, you’re hiding something or you’re someone who doesn’t care about how you present yourself.

Would you go to a board room meeting in a sweatsuit?  You get the idea.

You can’t get away with this anymore because your competitors are making the efforts to present themselves online better.

Here are 22 tips from Inc Magazine to improve you’re LinkedIn profile.


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