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Unlocking Success: The Art of Sending Unsolicited Meeting Invites in Sales

Unlocking Success: The Art of Sending Unsolicited Meeting Invites in Sales

In the world of sales, persistence, creativity, and timing often make the difference between a missed opportunity and a successful deal. One such strategy that can yield impressive results is sending unsolicited meeting invites, but it requires finesse, preparation, and a dash of luck.

Let me share with you a recent experience that highlights the power of sending unsolicited meeting invites and the journey leading up to it.

It all began with a keen eye for opportunity and a thirst for innovation. After reading about an exciting cloud initiative on LinkedIn, I saw the potential to add significant value to a prospective client’s environment. Armed with this insight, I rallied my internal team to craft a compelling message that not only complemented the client’s efforts but also promised to elevate their cloud environment to the next level.

However, as fate would have it, the initial contact I targeted—despite being the CTO—was not the right person to engage with. Undeterred, I turned to a trusted technology partner for guidance, who graciously provided me with the correct contact’s name and title. But alas, contact information remained elusive, requiring some Sherlock Holmes-level sleuthing on my part to uncover.

With determination fueling my efforts, I took a leap of faith and crafted a meticulously worded email, hoping it would reach the intended recipient. The response was swift, but it came with a holiday-induced delay, prompting a follow-up plan for the new year.

Over the ensuing months, I maintained a steady cadence of follow-ups, tapping into my network of partners and industry contacts for any additional insights or connections. Each conversation brought me closer to my goal, reinforcing my belief that persistence pays off in the long run.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. Armed with a thorough understanding of the key decision-maker and armed with a compelling message, I sent the unsolicited meeting invite, hoping for the best but prepared for any outcome. To my delight, the invitation was accepted, paving the way for a pivotal web conference.

During that fateful meeting, what began as a simple outreach evolved into a game-changing opportunity—a multimillion-dollar endeavor that we’re still actively pursuing. It was a testament to the power of staying focused, crafting a compelling message, and leveraging every available resource to create your own luck in the world of sales.

The moral of the story is clear: success in sales is not just about luck—it’s about strategy, perseverance, and unwavering belief in your ability to make things happen. So, the next time you consider sending an unsolicited meeting invite, remember this tale and let it inspire you to seize the moment and unlock your full potential. After all, you never know what incredible opportunities might be waiting just around the corner.

Anthony Lobosco

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