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Moving Forward: The Power of Progress in Sales

progress in sales

I love this quote from Gary Vee: “Anything is better than zero.” This simple yet powerful statement got me thinking about our daily grind in sales. 

Let’s break it down. Is sending one email to a prospect better than none? Absolutely. How about reaching out to just one potential partner today? You bet. In the vast ocean of sales, we’re like sharks – if we stop moving, well, it’s not pretty. The key is to keep swimming, keep progressing, even if it’s just a tiny bit each day.

We all have those off days, don’t we? Days when our motivation levels are as low as my coffee cup on a Monday morning. But guess what? It’s on these days that the real champs stand out. The great ones, as Gary Vee might say, find a way to move that needle, even if it’s just a millimeter.

Think about it. That one email you send could open a door to a new opportunity. That single call to a potential partner might be the start of a fruitful collaboration. It’s these small actions, these tiny steps forward, that accumulate and lead to big wins. 

And hey, let’s not forget about the learning aspect. Every interaction, every attempt, teaches us something. Maybe it’s a better way to phrase your pitch, or perhaps you learn something new about your target market. Each action is a lesson, and lessons are the stepping stones to success.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Don’t let the fear of being ghosted or the lack of immediate results discourage you. Instead, focus on the progress you’re making. Send that email, make that call, reach out to that prospect. Keep moving, keep swimming. Remember, anything is better than zero. Keep pushing, keep growing, and who knows? You might just be one small step away from your next big breakthrough. Keep at it, sales warriors! 🚀📈

Anthony Lobosco

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