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So you have an account list… NOW WHAT?

Whether you have 5, 100 or 5,000 accounts, you have to create a Master Territory Plan (MTP).  A MTP…
so you have an account list

Whether you have 5, 100 or 5,000 accounts, you have to create a Master Territory Plan (MTP).  An MTP will provide the blueprint for your penetration and growth strategy for your accounts.

But first you have to get your arms around your accounts by analyzing and organizing them.

It’s worth the work you’re putting in on the front end because you will be able to move fast when you execute.

Build you LinkedIn audience

The first thing I do is look for key people on LinkedIn and begin building the audience in key accounts.  In addition to getting the right people in the room to hear your message, it helps you understand who the players are in a particular company and cross reference them with your CRM to determine the data integrity.

You’re going to amplify messaging on LinkedIn in parallel of these efforts and you will be creating awareness.  You don’t want your messages to go into an empty room.

Prioritize Accounts

The next thing I do is rank my accounts into 1, 2, 3 (whatever nomenclature you prefer) and create email folders reflecting the rankings so they are properly organized.

Things to take into consideration when ranking:

  • Current Spend
  • Vertical – is this is hot vertical for your offering
  • State & Local (if applicable)
  • Existing relationships
  • Imbedded Technology
  • Pain – with their current provider(s) or business needs
  • Most strategic focus on Priority 1 accounts
  • Heavy research
  • Identify specific top officers to target with specific messaging
  • Match up sales plays to accounts
  • Research – 10k’s, Annual Reports, DiscoverOrg, RainKing, LinkedIn Navigator and Google

Priority 2 & 3 accounts targeted in broad strokes

  • Webinars
  • Broad persona campaigns
  • Event invites
  • Decision Criteria

Initial ranking accounts is a mixture of Art and Science

  • Define some broad ranking categories for dividing accounts
  • Spend buckets – by product or service or through other pillars within your companty
  • Company Size (Larger is typically but not always better)
  • Financials (Up, Flat or Down)
  • Vertical Markets – Where are we strong/weak?  Where do we have great stories?
  • Incumbent technologies
  • Sfdc (CRM) activity & account research

Next – Master Territory Plan

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