Newsletters are a way to create value to your clients and then build future campaigns around them. The first newsletter is always the hardest because it may be overwhelming to figure out what your clients want.  So you have to stand in their shoes to think about what they would like to read..

Newsletters force you to articulate the value propositions of your company and their products.  Then you have to get a format that works.

Working for a large company, I have the benefit of a phenomenal marketing department that provides valuable content.  But it’s up to you to determine what’s relevant to your target audience and how to lay it out in a way they’re going to want to consume it.

Here’s the newsletter:

At CenturyLink, we always strive to provide value to our clients, so this newsletter is a way to keep you updated on Promos, Products, Partners, & Webinars.

Promos, Partners, Products & Webinars (10/23/18)

Here are 5 reasons why newsletters work:

  1. Provides value – This is always the goal of newsletters.  You want your audience to take something positive away from them and ultimately build credibility with them.  #trustedadvisor
  2. Foundation for future campaigns – Although all of the content may be valuable, generally it’s a lot and clients are only focused on what’s relevant to them.  For example, follow up with calls shortly after you send them to get feedback on what they perceived as valuable to them.
  3. Educates clients – A lot of my clients typically tell me they didn’t know a capability or promotion.  #trustedadvisor
  4. Makes me more knowledgable – Researching relevant content and being able to articulate it to clients and prospects makes you better.  Use it as a reference to study before engaging clients/prospects.  #trustedadvisor
  5. Differentiate yourself – Don’t be like everyone else.  Do something different and stand out.

As I’ve been doing newsletters for a while, here are some tips on how to leverage them for your personal brand.