A Master territory Plan is what you put together after you do the hard work of researching, analyzing, prioritizing and understanding your accounts.  Basically getting your arms around your accounts.

Ever hear the saying slow down before you speed up?

More Work Now = Less Work Later

This strategy is based on DiscoverOrg but you can also use other resources to get this information.

Suggested Steps:

  • Identify subsidiaries and match each with a DiscoverOrg record or another resource
  • Export all account details from DiscoverOrg into Excel and use as the base account plan
  • Export every known contact record with all details and add it as a tab to your plan
  • Search, Filter, and Tag Accounts and Contacts to relevant technologies

Slicing and dicing all this info up front allows:

  • Faster planning for demand generation campaigns
  • Webinars and event invites
  • Developing a list of targets for any sales plays takes minutes