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Sales Blitz or Sales Pits?

Sales Blitz’s are a way to generate new business meetings (NBM’s) that can result in building pipeline. But do they just make you feel inadequate because most people fudge results? I feel sales organizations should spend more time on weekly demand generation strategy cadence to ensure the long term success of building sustainable pipelines.

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So you have an account list… NOW WHAT?

Whether you have 5, 100 or 5,000 accounts, you have to create a Master Territory Plan (MTP).  A MTP will provide the blueprint for your penetration and growth strategy for your accounts. It’s worth the work you’re putting in on the front end because you will be able to move very fast when you execute.

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Shadow Marketing

Shadow Marketing is when salespeople in large organizations do their own marketing independent of the tools provided to them.  For example, they may use their own email automation system instead of what their company provides for one reason or another.

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