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7 reasons why salespeople need the right tools

Salespeople need the right tools to be successful in getting new meetings. Here are 5 reasons why.
salespeople need the-right tools

How many times has a sales leader asked you, “do you need anything, I’m here to help?” And when you tell them you need things like a good contact database and strong outbound platform where you can sequence your outreach, it doesn’t resonate with them.

They may have had success in other ways, which is indisputable. Maybe you have as well. Either way, they don’t see the value of spending money to do things a different way.

Regardless, you need to present a strong case while not giving that person the impression you’re looking for a “silver bullet,” taking “the easy way out” or even offending them.

Instead, here are 7 reasons why you need better tools to increase sales:

  1. You want to always be playing offense. In this case, you want to play offense in two ways – outreach to people you know and outreach to people you don’t. By successfully executing a multi-front outreach approach, you can’t lose.
  2. You need the right tools in your tool bag. – You don’t play football without a helmet or pads. In sales, you need good contacts and a solid outreach platform to execute a repeatable strategy. Maybe you can have them in one platform, which would be the holy grail.
  3. On average, it takes 8-12 times to get people’s attention. That was before COVID, so not sure what that is today but it seems like a lot more (even ghosting is the norm for people you know). Having a strong outreach platform will enable you to stay on track for executing sequences.
  4. It’s 2020 and normal rules don’t apply. The environment is very challenging and what’s been successful in the past may not be anymore for many reasons. It’s unpredictable out there. Having a multi-front sales outreach is the best way to deal with head on and be successful.
  5. This will keep you uber focused on outreach. Salespeople tend to be a one man show at times and a solid outreach platform will keep you focused to execute on demand generation no matter how busy you get.
  6. You have commit to getting better. Sure you’ve had success in the past doing things a certain way but things have changed in the new COVID world.
  7. Demand Generation makes you a better salesperson. Your targets are always top of mind when you are networking. You’re always working on your pitch because you’re incorporating them into emails, videos, blog posts or marketing material.

If they’re not keeping an open mind after presenting these points, then you need to find out why, because there may be other things going on.

Then you have to determine whether you can make it work with what you have.

Anthony Lobosco

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