I run Sales and Marketing for a boutique IT company, Livtech.  After selling at companies with big brands like Cisco Systems, BMC Software and CenturyLink, it’s a different ballgame when your brand is unknown.  

We target companies of all sizes, but we do a lot of work in the Enterprise space, which requires a unique set of skills to execute complex deals and attract new clients.

First and foremost, you have to rely on your Personal Brand, which is your most valuable asset.  

Then you have to be relentless in managing your time well for demand generation activities, networking and building complimentary partnerships with the goal of getting in front of the right people.  All while executing flawlessly.    

Lobo Social includes insights about the “science” of selling, which are sales strategies I’ve learned over the years and the “art” of selling, which comes in many forms as it applies to both marketing and selling.  One of my focus areas is Social Selling, which is why it’s aptly named “Lobo Social.”

Everyday I get up and think about how to get that “New Business Meeting” that will hopefully lead to doing business.

Happy selling,